What are the benefits to you?


The orders you receive through your Online Menu are accurate because your ustomer has reviewed the order in rint before completing the order.



Your Savings

With your Online Menu your hourly staff doesn’t have to spend ny time on the phone taking the order, explaining which items you have available or which items they want, or repeating an order back to the customer while they change their mind. When your employees save time you save money.




TO GO Orders

Togo orders already provide your customers with the food they like. With the Online Menu System you can provide your customer  with the ability to spend as much or as little time as they need to decide what they would like to order. They can decide what time they want to pick up the order within the time frame you set and the system automatically makes sure you have enough time to prepare the order.



Delivery Orders

Taking delivery orders can be ery quik or it can take a bit more time, depending on whether your customer knows what they want. With the Online Menu System you customer cn make their order day and night and select time that they would like the item delivered. They are only to request times that you specify and that give you enough time to deliver to them.

In short, through the Online Menu System you are open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week even though you only deliver during certain hours.



Order Ahead

By allowing your customers order ahead you are both providing a great convenience to those who like to be pampered and those that are in a hurry. This cnvenience can actually make the difference betwee which restaurant customers visit for lunch. With this feature the Order Ahead customers are not:

Filling a table while deciding what to eat, 

Filling a table while waiting for their food,

Or taking you wait staff’s time with service requests prior to ordering. By providing this feature, you are able provide them with less waiting even during rush, you will please your customer and your restaurant can turn more customers during the busiest times.


Online Convenience

With the Online Menu Sstem control panel you can change your menu offerings, prices and options as well as view your order history and restaurant schedules at any time. This saves you time by allowing you to make changes without requiring you to go through a Change Orpder process with your website Developer.

  • To get all of your questions answered please view our FAQs
  • Or contact us for more information on how the Online Menu System can benefit your business.





  • Put your menu online in minutes
  • Get a fax with your accurate order
  • Change your website anytime through your control panel
  • Accept delivery, order ahead or togo orders
  • Specify the exact times that you are accepting orders
  • Optionally accept credit cards
  • Promote your restaurant with specials and coupons